Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-engineering is the systematic process of converting complex and expensive structural steel building designs into simpler and more economically priced and designed steel components. 

These components are then batch manufactured and used multiple times throughout the project without sacrificing on the design or basic function of the building. The end product is a reasonably priced complete structural building shell that can be finished internally to serve its required function and accessorised externally to portray a distinctive architectural style.

Pre-engineered buildings are ideal for use in non-residential, wide span low rise buildings. Among the advantages of pre-engineered is low cost, consistent quality control, and fast delivery to name a few. Pre-engineered buildings are used for diverse applications such as factories, warehouses, offices, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, community buildings and several more.

Wide Span Sheds industrial division has focused much resource and attention into R&D in order to deliver the most technically advanced, premium quality steel buildings. The design sections used, along with balanced connections, utilize the best of compression, tension and offset engineering techniques for overall structural quality and effectiveness.

We use different types of frames to optimize the steel content in a project in order to satisfy the design requirements. By choosing to purchase a pre-engineered steel building design there is potential to save on expensive custom engineering fees as well as minimize the amount of steel required to achieve a fit for purpose and compliant building. We advise our clients to explore a pre-engineered steel design option before committing to any other form of construction. The best approach to confirm if a project is suitable for pre-engineering design is to consult with us direct.

Having partnered with some of the world’s best suppliers who specialize specifically in the design and manufacture of pre- engineered fabricated steel buildings, Wide Span Sheds industrial division brings to you a durable and comprehensive range of built up portal systems.

All buildings supplied by Wide Span Sheds industrial division are Building Code of Australia compliant. Our partners utilize the latest international building codes, safety and quality systems and the final designs are Australian Certified to the specified design criteria. As a leading pre-engineered supplier Wide Span Sheds industrial division provides the complete service of engineering and fabrication thus ensuring better quality control at every stage of the process.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building

From concept to completion, there is no building system more efficient in terms of speed and value than that of pre-engineered steel buildings. Our systems offer cost effective solutions with fast manufacturing turnaround time. 

Advantages @ A Glance

Our range of buildings are suitable for use as workshops, warehouses, factories, complexes, offices, depots, schools, recreational facilities and more. Our flexible design software means other purpose-specific requirements can be incorporated into any design quickly and economically. It is no surprise that pre-engineered buildings have grown in popularity due to their many end-user advantages.

  • Heights up to 7m
  • Clear spans up to 30m
  • Lengths beyond 200m
  • Bay openings up to 12m
  • Capability to add lean-tos
  • Rafter-over-column haunch bracket
  • Knee braces to strengthen the haunch connection
  • 450+ MPa BlueScope Steel
  • Fully bolted Z purlins and girts
  • 100mm +10% overlap on purlins and girts
  • Snow, cyclone and earthquake loading
  • Gable or Skillion roof options
  • Flexible design parameters
  • Multiple layout combinations
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Fully BCA compliant
  • Efficiently designed and cost effective
  • BlueScope Steel Warranty
  • Site specific design and engineering
  • Individual customised construction kit on all jobs

Wide Span Sheds industrial division supplies buildings designed to meet the requirements of Building Code of Australia Classes 5-10:

Class 5

Office buildings for commercial purposes excluding Class 6, 7, 8 or 9.

Class 6

Shop or other building for the sale of goods by retail.

Class 7

Storage buildings or buildings for the sale of goods by wholesale.

Class 8

Buildings for production and other processes carried out for trade, sale or gain.

Class 9

Public buildings like assemblies or health care buildings.

Class 10

A non-habitable building being a private garage, shed, or the like.

Why Choose Wide Span Sheds

Pre-engineered commercial and industrial sheds have many advantages including low costs, consistent quality control, fast delivery and construction times.

Low Cost Solution

We convert a complex and expensive structural steel building design into simpler designed steel components which are batch manufactured. This systematic process has the benefit of saving on custom engineering fees with the addition of minimizing the amount of steel required to achieve a fit for purpose structure.

Building in Any Layout

Using pre-engineered steel framing allows for flexibility in design layouts. We have a range of standard steel build solutions that can be further customised integrating a range of optional extras to meet your commercial requirements. Your building design will be engineered site specifically to your location in Australia.

Proven Delivery Capability

We are committed to providing a thorough service from design and supply to the delivery at your site. We have advanced systems in place to ensure that your steel kit is supplied in full and without damage. Should you find that this is not the case we guarantee that any missing or damaged items will be replaced for you at the first available opportunity.

Customer Support

A dedicated customer support network ready to answer your questions, quote your next project or general enquires. Our customer support team is based in Queensland, Australia, operating from Monday through to Saturday.

Fast Turn-Around Time

Our structural frames are manufactured in Australia using BlueScope Steel and have the benefit of having 23 manufacturing locations in Australia. Thus Wide Span Industrial being able to offer a speedy delivery process. Dependant on your structural steel frame for your building it can take from 6 to 12 weeks.

Construction Support

All Wide Span Sheds industrial division buildings are supplied with detailed plans which are building- specific and when used in conjunction with our construction/erection manual and the bill of materials, provide you with the complete solution to erecting your building.